Anton Paar Alex 500

A new alcohol and extract meter for beer, Alex 500 from Anton Paar, frees craft brewers from the need for external laboratories.

The lab-grade analyser determines their beer’s alcohol and extract content, calories, degree of fermentation and many more parameters.

Anton Paar has been a partner to the brewing industry for decades; by now the Austrian high-precision measuring instrument manufacturer is the world’s leading provider of alcohol and density measurement in the brewing industry. The company’s latest innovation is the Alex 500 alcohol and extract meter, based on a patented combination of technologies: absorption measurement via NIR spectroscopy and density measurement based on the oscillating U-tube technology.

Alex 500 puts craft brewers in control of their entire production process, from fermentation monitoring to quality control of the bottled beer. The compact, easily operated instrument can be used in two modes: In the fermentation monitor mode, it directly displays a fermentation curve, assigned to a tank via sample ID. In the final production stages, Alex 500 can be switched to its standard mode, to determine a beer’s alcohol content, original or real extract content and many other beer parameters like calories or degree of fermentation with lab-grade accuracy.

Alex 500 measures alcohol with an accuracy of 0.2 percent v/v and determines density with an accuracy of 0.001 g/cm³.

This speed is one of many differences that set Alex 500 apart from the glass hydrometers still commonly found in smaller breweries. In contrast to these, Alex 500 covers the entire beer measuring range, not just part of it. Brewers are provided with direct, real-time results, without the necessity for a separate calculation or distillation. They only need one single instrument for all outstanding new beer at all times, based on their own impulses, with all measurement necessities under their own roof.