Highly flexible conveyor system

MODU System was established over two decades ago in Singapore based on the simple concept of modular and flexible to meet the ever-increasing demand for conveyors and automation systems.

Modu straight beams, support structures and bend sections are made of various re-assembled components enabling Modu conveyors to be easily installed, reconfigured, realigned, highly flexible to be extended or shortened within a short time-frame by using simple and standard hand-held tools. It is reliable, aesthetic and functional, easy to be transported and yet is economical to own. All Modu conveyor standard parts are made of lightweight materials, such as aluminium alloy and engineered plastics.

Modu conveyors are available in both aluminium and stainless-steel options. Modu System provides diverse plastic chain conveyor systems with chain width sizes of 63mm, 83mm, 140mm and 220mm and belt width sizes of 315mm, 438mm and 585mm. Standard chain and belt material is PolyOxyMethylene (POM). Other available materials include Kevlar, Anti-static POM and Polypropylene (PP).

Modu Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is a modern and modular mobile robot that can automatically navigate and transport materials from one location to another. It is suitable for manufacturing, textile, automotive, food & beverage, warehousing, hospital and many more industries. Modu together with our robotic supplier is able to design and roll out customised robotic and palletising system solutions across all industries in Australia.

Twin track pallets assembly solutions are designed to convey pallets/slave board from one process or assembly station to another. Based on Modu’s modular system, the twin track system offers customers plug and play solutions with flexible configuration options.

Modu Gripper system is flexible and lightweight, easy to install and compact, saving factory space. It comes in many gripping options suitable for all products. Quick change over time by incorporating adjustable crank system and digital adjustment readout. Modu elevator features quick access maintenance touch panel, guiding, universal mounts for any type of infeed and outfeed conveyor, continuous flow elevating with no reciprocating action, available in multiple heights, capacities and payload sizes as well as space saving.