FAG Arcanol greases combat downtime and costs caused by poor bearing lubrication

Rolling bearing damage can lead to significant downtime or costs, and is almost always caused by improper use or maintenance. Schaeffler’s research has found that over 40 per cent of all cases of rolling bearing damage are caused by inadequate lubrication.

To eliminate any lubrication issues and further optimise the performance of the bearings, Schaeffler has introduced its range of high quality Arcanol greases, which provide rolling bearings with a longer operating life, favourable running behaviour and high operational safety – all contributing to a favourable price to performance ratio. Only the best greases are given the Arcanol seal of quality after passing a comprehensive series of stringent tests.

“Schaeffler’s world-class range of FAG Arcanol greases is specifically designed for rolling bearings used in a wide range of industry applications, including electric motors, gearboxes, pumps, compressors, fans, linear systems, conveying equipment and machine tools,” said Mark Ciechanowicz, Industrial Services Manager, Schaeffler Australia.

“Using high quality greases in the correct amounts at the correct times is an environmentally harmonious way to make the best use of materials and keep machinery running smoothly.”

“Some of the biggest environmental concerns arise when machinery is not working efficiently, or breaks down and causes spillages or waste. Applying a high quality grease such as Arcanol not only reduces the risk of this, but it also extends the life of the bearings, making the piece of machinery run smoother and more efficiently.

Rolling bearings are used in some of the most essential machinery to operations in mining and energy, bulk materials handling, manufacturing and materials handling, and oil and gas operations, where extending service life and avoiding downtime caused by premature failure are highly important.

“The Arcanol range is designed around optimising performance and minimising premature failure of important machinery,” said Ciechanowicz. “By using the highest quality greases and oils and relubricating at the correct intervals, bearing life and performance can be greatly extended.”


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