FDA grade stainless steel pump created for drinking water systems

Australian Pump has introduced an FDA grade stainless steel pump approved for drinking water systems.

Made in the United States especially for this application, the new pump is manufactured from stainless steel casing with FDA grade polypropylene internals.

It’s also fitted with FDA grade elastomers.

The company has introduced it to Australia as a reflection of the growing requirement for potable water suppliers and handlers to have approved equipment suitable for potable water.

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The 2-inch stainless steel pump, called the IPW series comes with 2-inch ports and BSB.

A built in check valve and double flush volute ensures fast self-priming making it ideal for engine drive applications on road tankers used for carting water for household use.

The pump delivers up to 681 litres per minute flow, enabling tanker operators to move water fast.  The pump’s maximum head is 23 metres, with a self-priming capability of a vertical lift ofm.

The pumps can also be set up with direct coupled electric motor, bare shaft pulley or with hydraulic drive.

The Honda petrol and Yanmar diesel engine versions are already attracting interest from tanker operators supplying potable water to mine sites, remote communities and even farms and homesteads.

The pump also has application in the food and beverage industry.

Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia said the company can see producers of drinking water being able to use this pump as a cheap and very reliable option to the pumps being used now.

Australian Pump claims the new I series is a breakthrough in potable water handling, providing users with an FDA approved capability at a very reasonable price.

A key application in the US, is for the US forestry services to use these pumps for water transfer.

They haul water to forest fire fighting base camps for drinking and field showers.

This has proved to be an important service that is policed by forestry service inspectors in the field.