Filling machine seen as futureproofing technology

The Ilpra Fill Seal R12/4 Tronic delivers food manufacturers a fast and efficient way of getting their dairy, dips, desserts, soups, condiment sauces and yoghurt products ready for market.

“Supermarkets are demanding new products each and every year, and food manufacturers now need to find ways to innovate. However, with a fixed production profile this can be difficult,” said Daniel Malki, general manager, Jet Technologies.

“The Ilpra R12 filling machine is the next step towards achieving a flexible futureproofed technology with the speed to produce efficiently.”

The Ilpra Fill Seal R12 is a high-speed rotary filler and sealer with up to 12 stations, which offers food manufacturers the flexibility to use each station for different purposes. The machine is designed to precisely fill denestable cups.

“The 12 station filler, with the speed and flexibility of 9,000 cups per hour, allows food manufacturers to create their product their own way with a modular design,” said Malki.

“It is customisable to each food manufacturer’s requirements, such as dosing location(s) in the filler and type of doser, filling volumes and speeds.”

The machine is designed for a practical and easy operation with a touch screen panel. Its structure and the high-quality, servo-driven components provides a filling accuracy of +/- 1 per cent, combined with industry-leading fill speeds.

The R12 machine is a sealed unit to prevent any dust penetrating in the cups, filling and sealing small cups, as well as buckets up to 160mm in diameter.