Four steps to an economical solution for filling compliance

Most industrialised countries have compliance requirements pertaining to the fill quantities of pre-packaged goods. Many manufacturers often have to deal with the problem of net content control during filling operations, especially small- and medium-sized food manufacturers who find it difficult to ensure filling compliance with only a few hundred or thousand packages being produced each day. Their approach, for instance, is to manually take samples, check the weight and store the results.

A common concern in many industries, net content control doesn’t have to be complicated. Mettler Toledo recommends an economical solution that meets compliance regulations in four simple steps and eliminates costs associated with overfilling.

Key considerations for an economical net content control solution:


The control system should satisfy all legal requirements, especially the obligation to record and prove compliance in EU countries, the USA and other countries.

Easy operation

A modern control system should be designed to simplify the task of control operators. If possible, the routine sampling inspection should be performable without the need for additional function-switching to minimise incorrect operation.

Immediate feedback

The result of the sampling inspection including the statistics should be displayed and/or printed out directly at the weighing station immediately following a sampling procedure. The operators at weighing stations should know the result of their actions instantly so that inadvertent errors can be detected and corrected without undue delay.

Resistance to harsh and wet industrial environments

Common sanitation practices should be in place for production. Installations should be easy to clean and resistant to common washing procedures.

Packaging and filling quality control from Mettler Toledo

The IND890SQC terminal from Mettler Toledo is a standalone compact solution designed to execute manual random sampling for net content control. It helps to ensure correct packaging of high-quality products in line with international and national net content legislation as well as global guidelines such as IFS or BRC standards. The SQC-890 application eliminates illegal underfilling, reduces overfilling costs and allows easy data storage and documentation for audits.

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