Hazardous area LED lighting

Control Logic has released the 6002 & 6402 series of LED lighting from R.STAHL that is suitable for nearly any environment.

Explosion proof and extremely energy efficient, they are suitable for general lighting such as ceiling installation, pendant lights or pole lighting in zones 1, 21, 2 and 22. Using a familiar and widely used form factor ensures that changing over from traditional fluorescent tubes to LED light sources is an especially straightforward process.

The series utilises the latest LED technologies with one 52W luminaire being equivalent to two conventional 36W fluorescent lamps. This provides up to 100,000 hours of operation achieving a superior service life, while retaining a high luminous flux of up to 5,800 Im and luminaire efficiency of well over 100 Im per W.

Both the STAHL 6002 & 6402 models feature a slim low-profile GRP housing that benefits from a weight at least one third less than competing products in the same class. In addition to their robust IP66/IP67 design, the series can be used in harsh environmental temperatures from -30ºC to a blistering +55ºC.

They are available in either economical 28W or 52W standard versions, with or without diffusers in lengths of 700mm and 1,310mm respectively.

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