Hydrostatic level sensors for water and wastewater treatment

Alvi Technologies presents a new hydrostatic level sensor from Fischer Germany designed to accurately measure the level of liquids in wells, tanks, raw sewage tanks or wastewater systems.

Water is typically extracted from wells and boreholes using a pump before being sent for treatment. Hydrostatic level sensors enable level monitoring deep within these wells and boreholes.

Wastewater treatment plants treat raw sewage water and return it to the natural environment. Wastewater level monitoring is one of the most critical parameters to be measured to provide flow and level information. Hydrostatic level sensors are used to measure the level in storage tanks within the water treatment process.

Fischer’s NB10 is a robust hydrostatic level sensor and an ideal choice for various level monitoring applications in wells and tanks.

Key features of the NB10 hydrostatic level sensors include multiple analogue outputs available to suit all BMCS/PLC systems; 0-20mA or 4-20mA over 3-wire or 2-wire connections respectively available; ability to measure water levels in tanks up to a depth of 250m, with extra connection cable to suit specific requirements; and special models available with overload protection (lightning arrester) or for explosive and hazardous locations.

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