Modular safety controller

Schneider Electric Australia, a specialist in energy management, has launched Preventa XPS MCM, a modular safety controller capable of monitoring multiple safety functions.

The product is a configurable, embedded safety controller designed to protect industry machines and operators from incidents involving moving machine parts. It is capable of monitoring multiple safety functions, including emergency stop, guard monitoring, perimeter guarding, position monitoring, and speed monitoring.

It is a modular controller perfect for safety applications requiring conformity with Category 4 standards EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 EN/IEC 61508.

The controller has 8 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and can be expanded up to 128 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs (relay or solid state). It is easy to expand a configuration from small into large, thanks to a wide range of communication modules. It is possible to build up to 6 island architectures via safe communication, with a distance of up to 50 meters between each island. Expansion is possible directly on the controller backplane bus as well as via the safe expansion bus.

The modular safety controller was designed for simplicity. It enables customers to reach an exact match to the desired specification while reducing the number of components, and therefore footprint and wiring. An intuitive software and hardware layout optimise the system configuration. The controller can be connected everywhere, with a wide range of communication expansion modules.

The flexible, scalable unit makes it possible to standardise safety monitoring devices from simple to complex standalone and machine lines. Moreover, to simplify the machine maintenance, the system has a removable memory card which can be used to transfer the configuration to a new controller in a single step.

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