New push-in contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors

Electrical engineering manufacturer and innovator, Phoenix Contact, has released the PT-TWIN Push-in contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors to expand its existing range of contact inserts that feature Push-in technology for this category.

In addition to offering Push-in connection technology, the new device comes with a double conductor connection – a world first. This feature provides additional user convenience as two conductors can now be wired into one contact point quickly and easily to save time. The double conductor connection also eliminates the need for an additional marshalling level, further simplifying the installation process and minimising the time required.

The double conductor connection capability, together with the PT-TWIN’s Push-in connection technology, not only simplifies the connection process for the user, it also ensures greater choice. The new option expands the existing range of contact inserts with Push-in for heavy-duty connectors of common housing lines, and adds to the wider portfolio which includes Crimp and Screw connection technology.

Created for fast assembly, the device features tool-free installation. The technician simply pushes the wires in, thereby setting up the connection, and then places the PT-TWIN Push-In contact insert into the connector, making the process hassle free and quick, to help save on time.

Ideal for control and power transmission, the unit also provides user flexibility, as it is available with a fixed number of positions and in a modular design for series B housing.

To ensure a high level of performance, the PT-TWIN Push-in contact inserts are shock and vibration resistant. They are also safe to use and operate, and meet all required standards.

Phoenix Contact continues to drive and refine its Push-in Connection Technology which it invented. To date, the technology has been incorporated across its broad range of products, from the terminal block through to the controller. The release of the new PT-TWIN Push-in contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors, further cements Phoenix Contact’s commitment to offering the widest portfolio of products featuring Push-in connection technology.