NHP’s range of intrinsically safe barriers are an off-the-shelf solution

The intrinsically safe protection method is based on the principle of limiting the amount of energy entering a hazardous area to below the level required to ignite the hazardous substances in the atmosphere.

Intrinsically safe barriers serve the purpose of limiting the input energy for devices in hazardous areas, allowing the integrity of the intrinsically safe circuit to be maintained.

In saying this, NHP has brought to market a range of low powered high output intrinsically safe signalling products from Moflash.

These devices can be paired with the corresponding intrinsically safe barrier from GM International to create an easy, off-the-shelf KIT solution for all your signalling needs.

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The Moflash range consists of a sounder which is 24VDC with a 105dB output, a beacon which is 24VDC with 9 bright LEDs for high visual output, and the sounder/beacon combination unit.

These devices are not only suitable for all hazardous environments but also come with Group I certification for use in underground mining.

Available in a range of colours, this solution is rated for hazardous zones 0,1,2,20,21 and 22 in.

IIC (gas) and IIIC (dust) environments. In addition, they are T5 and T6 temperature rated, making them a unique and cost-effective alternative to their heavy-duty Ex-d flameproof counterparts.

NHP’s easy to use KIT offering provides the perfect intrinsically safe solution for your hazardous area applications.