Parcel delivery tracking app now using QR codes

The parcel delivery tracking app, Gopher, which is available via Android smartphone, has announced it is now using QR codes, which provide more information than traditional barcodes.

QR codes promote greater efficiency in tracking stock and deliveries, according to Walter Scremin, General Manager of Ontime Group, which assisted in the development of Gopher.

“QR codes provide customers with more information about their deliveries, and improves their ability to track and manage inventory,” he said.

“A QR code assists in the track and trace of cartons, and also the contents should anything go missing, it allows automated notifications to the end receiver of the progress of the delivery and also provides the driver with clearer instructions such as COD amounts.”

Scremin said several companies use Gopher at lower cost than traditional delivery tracking devices. “Any business under time pressure and need to protect their businesses from lost or misplaced items and enable more efficient deliveries,” he said.