PulsaJet automatic spray nozzles

PulsaJet automatic spray nozzles can be used in a variety of different applications within the food industry.

The high-precision spray nozzles are excellent for use in applications that require spraying viscous coatings such as peanut butter, glaze, caramel, chocolate, butter, gels and slurries. In addition, they can be used to spray antimicrobial and mould inhibiting agents and can be used for lubricating, conveyor spraying, moisturising and scoring applications.

The spray nozzles utilise Precision Spray Control (PSC) to apply an even and consistent amount of coating to the target. PSC works by turning the electrically-actuated spray nozzles on and off at high speeds without changing the pressure of the nozzles which allows for the spray angle, coverage and drop size to remain unchanged. Production is increased due to the fast cycling of the spray nozzles (up to 15,000 cycles per minute) allowing them to keep up with high line speeds.

An issue commonly reported is misting, which affects both the application at hand and worker safety. Excess misting becomes airborne instead of coating the product or target which leads to inaccurate coverage and workplace hazards such as slipping due to the mist on the floors and equipment. Using a PulsaJet spray nozzle in conjunction with an AutoJet Spray System will lead to a reduction or complete elimination of misting.

Added benefits of using PulsaJet spray nozzles and PSC technology are a reduction in product scrap due to the over or under application of coatings, lower production costs and reduced clean-up time.