Raymax Lasers releases new LINX Laser Coders

Raymax Lasers is the Australian distributor for the new upgraded SL102 and SL302 range of LINX Laser Coders.

 With its smart IP65 hand held control unit and large colour touch screen with WYSIWYG display, users will find not just start-up and log quick and simple, but managing changes to coding information a much easier task.  Using the new LinxVision software, the full colour screen has intuitive functions operated by touch sensitive commands, meaning both the SL102 and SL302 bring a great new concept to laser control.

The upgraded versions of the 10W and 30W coding and marking lasers have recently been released by LINX Printing Technologies, and are now available in Australia. Retaining the features of previous LINX laser coders used across a range of industries from coding on pills and tablets, to marking on packets and food containers, to scribing on glass bottles and jars, the new SL102 and SL302 now bring these added features to its new range.

Already the LINX SL has the quickest digital galvo response time and the greatest control of all the lasers in its class, meaning the LINX coder has more time to mark the product. Options of speed and mark size have been retained. The range of lenses and marking heads have optional extensions, meaning the best coding solution is installed for every job requirement with the most suitable location on the production line.

LINX lasers can deliver real benefits through a longer tube life, less downtime and lower running costs compared to the average printer.

With options such as a range of tubes and marking head configurations to suit differing coding surfaces, Raymax Lasers, the Australian distributor, offers consultation and installation of the most appropriate configuration to meet your specific needs.