Self-priming wastewater pumps in corrosion-resistant steel

Hydro Innovations has introduced a new range of self-priming wastewater pumps made especially for pumping corrosive and abrasive water.

Manufactured using CD4MCu, a duplex stainless steel that’s more corrosion-resistant and up to 50% harder than 316 grade stainless steel, the self-priming centrifugal wastewater pumps can also handle spherical solids up to 76mm in diameter with most models (100mm discharge and larger), making this range ideal for pumping solids laden flows. The pumps are suitable for flows from 5 l/s up to 200 l/s and for pressures up to 40 metres.

The self-cleaning wear plate system in the Series allows the pump to handle stringy materials such as rags and wet-wipes. Operators can also use the pump’s large removable inspection cover-plate to quickly and safely access bigger items that make their way into the pump such as blankets or towels.

The centrifugal pumps can be mounted high and dry above wet wells (up to 7.6 metres), allowing easy access for maintenance or repair. Operators can also safely access the self priming pumps without having to open wet well hatches, eliminating any situation that would require them to work at heights or work over water. Additionally, operators do not have to employ lifting devices or cranes to retrieve the pumps.

The pumps are recommended for pumping brine solutions or wastewater containing corrosive chemicals.


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