SurPASS3 — another milestone in surface charge analysis

SurPASS3 determines the zeta potential at the surface of a macroscopic solid in contact with an aqueous solution. The compact instrument design with plug-in sample holders gives easy access to material surface charge to everyone – from scientists in academia to technicians in industrial labs.

The laboratory space occupied by the analyser is significantly reduced as compared to previous models of streaming potential analysers.

The compact instrument design does not contain any moving parts, unnecessary tubing or cables, which may be subject to measuring artifacts. SurPASS3 keeps the promise of a real plug-and-measure instrument: simply plug in the measuring cell and hit the START button

The enhanced SurPASS3 principle gives access to zeta potential data in less than 3 minutes. The high time resolution for data acquisition and the extremely sensitive measurement of streaming potential improve the reliability and reproducibility of zeta potential even in the range below 3 mV.

The operating software of the analyser offers the selection of single zeta potential data, the analysis of the surface isoelectric point, or a full pH scan. The operation modes are complemented by the investigation of solute effects on the solid surface to characterize adsorption and desorption processes.

Independent of sample geometry, size and origin, the analyser determines reliable and reproducible zeta potential values. Elaborate measuring cells for individual sample materials give you the utmost flexibility for your quality control and investigations. Mounting sample holders was never that easy. The measuring cell in use is automatically detected by the  software.

The lean structure of the SurPASS3 operating software helps you to focus on the important task: the analysis of the surface zeta potential of your sample. The software still remains intuitive even if you do not care much about the physical background of the surface zeta potential. Together with the enhanced measuring principle of the analyser, the software facilitates the fastest route to the zeta potential of macroscopic solids.


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