Tank wash nozzles

M-Series C.I.P spray nozzles are designed to provide superior tank cleaning results at low operating pressures.

As a direct replacement for spray balls in standard pressure applications, the nozzles’ rotating action utilises Flow-Step Technology – concentrated streams of higher impact liquid. The company claims this delivers more efficient distribution, greater impact and faster C.I.P cycles. This means less waste water and chemical treatment costs.

The M-Series rotating tank washer makes spray balls virtually redundant. The typical spray balls found in storage tanks are extremely inefficient and costly to operate. This is because they require large volumes of water and chemical just to reach, wet and cover the tank interior.

With inefficient reach, the wetting, washing and rinsing performance is severely compromised, resulting in excessively long wash times. Poor impact efficiency also compounds this problem.

Unique patented self-cleaning features of the M-Series tank washer have allowed for major improvements towards trouble free operation and sets us apart from the competition. This is achieved via a special bearing system that allows typical fluctuations in water pressure to purge any obstructions away from the bearing surfaces.

Competitive washers can readily allow obstructions to jam within the bearing surfaces and impede rotation. No lubrication is required other than the cleaning fluid itself and there are no ball bearings to lock-up, corrode or break down.

Applications for the tank nozzles include dairy and beverage storage tanks, freezer tunnels, wine tanks, and other storage vessels.