UHF Short-Range Read/Write Head BIS VU-320

With the new BIS VU-320 read/write head UHF functionality has been added to the BIS-V product family. This compact UHF read/write head with IP67 protection features an auto-setup function and offers function and status LED displays that are easily visible from any direction.

With a typical read range of 1 m, the rugged UHF system is ideal for mon-itoring production processes, for material flow control and assembly systems. Thanks to its multi-tag capability up to 50 data carriers can be read simultaneously, making it per-fect for traceability solutions.

A highlight is the integrated Power Scan function. This enables automatic matching to the UHF data carrier used and ensures optimal configuration without cumbersome manual setting of parameters regardless of the application.

This can even be done directly on the device with the press of a button: the BIS VU-320 is the only device in its class with an auto-setup function. The read/write head automatically adjusts itself to the local conditions.

And startup is accomplished in the shortest time. By using the standard connection cable for BIS V cable lengths of up to 50 m to the read/write head can be realized.

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