Professionally formulated snack product

This month, professionally formulated low GI (Glycemic Index) snack bar, enrGIsustain provides consumers a healthy go-to snack.

The product is designed to keep consumers’ blood sugar steady, maintain a healthy weight and ensure sustained energy, the in-between meals bar is the perfect snack for the health conscious, pre-diabetics and those with Type 2 Diabetes.

Brother – sister duo, Adam and Sascha Jones, established enrGIsustain to combat and the obesity epidemic. The product provides a convenient low GI snack option for consumers.

“The enrGIsustain bar has been specially designed and formulated by professionals to ensure that it packs a nutritional punch and still tastes delicious. We wanted to bring to light the health benefits of living a low GI life and keeping blood sugar levels balanced. As a result, we crafted a product that can keep you feeling full for longer, keep your cravings at bay and will also provide sustained energy and concentration throughout the day,” said co-founder Adam Jones.

A tastier low GI alternative, enrGIsustain Dark Chocolate Coconut Cashew bar is sweetened with low GI bee honey and all natural Xylitol (to help reduce cavities).

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