Promass F reduces wastage

Improving accuracy in flow measurement is of paramount importance for process companies that seek to minimise waste and improve efficiency. The latest release of Endress+Hauser’s Promass F offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability making it a leading Coriolis mass flowmeter suitable for use in most process industries. The company has now enhanced the software and the design, boosting its accuracy even further.

In measuring the accuracy of any flowmeter, and publishing the accuracy, it is important to understand what calibration philosophy is used – not all flowmeters are really as accurate as purported.

Endress+Hauser wet calibrate every Promass F flowmeter on a high accuracy flow rig. In wet calibration, a predetermined volume of water is allowed to flow through the flowmeter, and the mass of water, and therefore volume, is measured in a highly accurate, accredited weigh scale at the other end. The volume of liquid that has flowed through and been measured by the test meter is compared to the initial reference volume and the errors calculated. Wet calibration thus delivers the best possible accuracy when the flowmeter is put in actual use. Most other flowmeter vendors compare flow readings of their meters to that of a master meter. This method can unfortunately lead to inaccuracies as the master is calibrated at set intervals and its accuracy in between calibrations may be questionable.

Only a calibration on accredited calibration rigs is a credible calibration and Promass F’s new specification of 0.05% o.r. (of reading) is based on accredited calibration flowrig with an accuracy of 0.015%, ensuring that the accuracy stated is the accuracy achieved.

In the competitive and highly regulated food industry, batches need to maintain consistency and quality and this requires accurate measurement of the various ingredients. Inaccurate measurements may lead to bad batches that need to go through an expensive reprocessing process or worse, be discarded.

Coriolis flowmeters are often used for dosing – for example, chlorine in water treatment plants, flocculants in mining, or additives in the food industry. This dosing must be highly accurate, or else the end product will suffer in quality, and expensive additives may be wasted.

The new high accuracy Promass F can help to prevent wastage and reduce costs.

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