Protect your investment. 12 months on top – An extra year of reassurance

The system projects that use Sew Eurodrives’ drive technology are becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming to implement.

As a result, it can happen that customers install components they have already ordered and received in the machine, without immediately moving to startup. Only once the entire system is complete and set up is it accepted by the end customer and production can start. However, the statutory warranty period usually begins on the date of receipt (passing of risk), not the first time the gearmotor is switched on.

Sew Eurodrives’ aim, though, is to ensure you are kept on the safe side. With their extended warranty period, they offer you an additional 12 months of 100% reassurance to the same level as the statutory warranty on new drives that are equipped with our PREMIUM protection package. This is regardless of whether the drive is started up later for project reasons or is put into operation on the first day after delivery.

Read FAQs that go into more detail about what that means. 


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