Protein diet good for men

Opportunities exist for manufacturers of high protein products as the results of a CSIRO study of 100 overweight and obese men shows that effective and safe weight loss can be achieved on a high protein diet.

Presenting the results of the study today at the Nutrition Society Conference in Auckland, NZ, CSIRO dietitian Dr Manny Noakes said the study suggests it is easier than previously thought for men to take action to lose weight.

The study compared a diet high in protein, red meat and fibre with one high in carbohydrate and fibre, finding that both diets led to similar weight losses, but the high protein diet was more effective at reducing abdominal fat levels.

“Abdominal fat is a key risk factor for men for a range of diseases including colorectal and other cancers,” Dr Noakes said.

“For weight loss, red meat and other protein sources should be eaten as part of a balanced eating plan.”

The study was initiated by CSIRO as part of the Preventative Health National Research Flagship and was financially supported, in part, by Meat and Livestock Australia.

Over 100 overweight and obese men participated in the study.

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