Provolone Valpadana PDO: Two tricks to recognise the real one


A good quarter of the total (24.5 per cent) in the cheese category of Italian products are those most imitated in Australia. The Italian Sounding theme is very dear to the Consorzio Tutela Provolone Valpadana, a famous European excellence that has chosen Australia as the destination for its new campaign.

Here are two simple tricks from the Consortium to make no more mistakes in being sure to choose the authentic product. 

The PDO brand

Protected Designation of Origin is only attributed to products in which all production, processing and transformation stages are rigorously carried out in a defined geographical area, which, due to their distinctive characteristics and the unique combination of human and environmental factors, are the determining factor in achieving the product’s characteristics. It is a red rosette, with a yellow outline and again a red crown on the outside, containing the words Protected Designation of Origin.

The Rosetta

This round “rosette” depicting a provolone on a green background is the logo that must be affixed to all packets on sale, to guarantee the quality of the product and to avoid any form of counterfeiting. The Protection Consortium is the authoritative and official body, the face of the raw material (milk) producers, processors and seasoners, created to protect and guarantee the characteristics and make the Provolone Valpadana PDO known. The Consortium acts both internally, as a shield to protect all protagonists in the supply chain from any type of unfair competition, and towards consumers, to defend them from fraud, counterfeiting and related economic and health damage. 

By looking for these two simple and recognisable brands, the consumer will have the certainty of buying quality.

These and other useful tips are at the heart of the project, “BORN TO BE AUTHENTIC – PROVOLONE VALPADANA, A PDO CHEESE FROM EUROPE”, co-funded by the European Union. Started in 2021, the project has in this first year prepared the online and offline communication tools to reach the Australian public, while waiting to finally be able to promote live events in the coming months.

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