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Public Brewing Co. extends their range with the Maku Pilsner

Public Brewing Co.

Public Brewing Co. brand, Maku, has made a new addition to its range – the Maku Pilsner – following the distribution of their award-winning Hemp Session Ale across Australia earlier this year. 

Maku Pilsner is a crisp, classic, Pilsner-style lager brewed using authentic German yeast and premium Czech Saaz hops for a clean finish and a pleasant hoppy bitterness that will leave beer lovers wanting more. 

Gab Porto, head brewer at Public Brewing Co., noted the complex production process of Pilsners and the extensive research the Public Brewing Co. team has undertaken to create this new Pilsner. 

“The flavour profile is quite light and crisp, so there is nowhere to hide, and any small errors during the process will be highlighted,” Porto said. 

“In my opinion, the two most important factors in brewing a Pilsner are temperature control and ingredient selection.”  

Unlike their Maku Hemp Session Ale, the latest Pilsner is fermented at a lower temperature to achieve the desired flavour profile. This is the brewer’s secret.  

Honouring the Pilsner’s rich history, the team have meticulously selected the ingredients for Maku Pilsner to give it the finesse it deserves. 

“We worked very closely with some of our most trusted suppliers to find the best malt, yeast, and hops in making this beer,” Porto said. 

“If you were to ask our brew team, we describe this beer as pure mastery of process, hours and hours of hard work; this is one we really wanted to nail.” 

The expanding Maku range features beers created with local product, brewed in the Yarra Valley.  

On top of the Pilsner, the Maku team have some other exciting projects currently in the works. 

Maku Pilsner will be stocked online for national shipping at $19 for a four pack, or $84 for a 24-pack. It can also be picked up at The Public Brewery’s bottle shop in Croydon. 

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