Pucara Pisco arrives from Peru

Pucara Pisco has officially launched its premium, Peruvian-born pisco into the Australia market. Popular all over Europe and gaining popularity in bars across Australia, pisco is a clear and versatile spirit you may be familiar with from the famous ‘pisco Sour cocktail.’

Adelaide couple, Rino Martire and Fiorella Cilloniz, reflect on their memories of travelling to Cilloniz’s birthplace of Peru. It was in their travels that Cilloniz introduced Martire to Peru’s national drink, the pisco sour, back in 2016. With pisco being an ever-popular choice of spirit everywhere in Peru, Martire immediately fell in love with the flavours of the spirit and noticed the lack of accessibility to pisco within Australia; this is where the idea for Pucara Pisco was born.

Pisco is a unique spirit developed from eight different varieties of grapes from non-aromatic to aromatic grapes. With no colouring or flavouring added at any time, its purity is what sets pisco apart from other spirits. Martire believes pisco will compete amongst other popular spirits such as vodka and gin, as its versatility makes it the perfect spirit to mix.

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