Putting the beer in Beerenberg

This year’s Highly Commended entrant was Beerenberg Coopers Ale Barbeque Sauce.

Brought to life after a conversation between friends, discussing the lack of a true Aussie barbeque sauce, Beerenberg decided that a sauce made with Coopers beer would be uniquely Australian and authentic.

Being a fellow well-known, locally-owned, family company, Coopers was the natural choice for the venture. The result is a great tasting sauce that brings back the flavour of a good old-fashioned barbie.

To capture the flavour, the sauce needed a number to be barbeque, to have ale in it and to allow the two attributes to be harmonious. The barbeque flavour is smoky, malty, richand spicy and the ale is malty and fruity.

The end product is therefore a sauce that has a malty flavour with a rich, fruity, and spicy taste. The product is dark in colour, due to the presence of the ale, spices and the cooking process.

There are currently no sauces on the market which have 40% ale as their first ingredient, adding a unique, full flavour. For generations blokes of every age have been coming up with various homemade marinades for a barbeque, and most of them have one thing in common — a fair measure of beer.

Now Beerenberg’s done the work for them, and the Cooper’s Ale Barbeque Sauce’s success is testament to that.

Lena Zak is the editor of FOOD Magazine.

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