QL-800 colour label printer

Businesses with on-site labelling requirements can now have a state-of-the-art label printing solution from QuickLabel, a division of AstroNova.

The colour label printer’s technology produces wide format vivid colour labels at higher speed and higher resolution than previous printers, delivering the power and quality of a commercial printing press right from a desk or tabletop. It is the fastest, most versatile digital colour label printer available for on-site label production.

The QL-800 is a powerful, digital colour label printer that saves time, money, and inventory space, printing brilliant high-resolution (up to 1600 dpi) colour labels, it is perfect for the most exacting packaging requirements.  AstroNova’s  DVT (Data Visualization Technology) inkjet expertise offers businesses the flexibility to print an array of both narrow and wide format labels on demand.

Developed by AstroNova’s engineering team, the QL-800 is designed to print labels in short-run or long-run batches for industrial, commercial, warehouse, and manufacturing/distribution applications. With a print speed of up to 304.8mm per second, the printer supports labels from 50.8mm to 210.82mm in width and up to 762mm in length.

Including the user-friendly QuickLabel Omni Software program suite for label creation and print management for professional-looking label designs. The QL-800 represents a fully re-engineered printing system where both the hardware and the software have been designed for ease of operation.

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