QLD growers lose hundreds of millions in floods

The recent floods in Queensland have completely wiped out some citrus orchards and have caused serious damage to many others.

Judy Shepherd, secretary of the Gayndah and District Fruit Growers Association said the damage to fruit orchards has been "catastrophic", reports news.com.au.

She said the effects would be long-lasting with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage in the citrus industry alone.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney is visiting Gayndah today and Shepherd said she hopes to show him how badly the area needs government support.

"I want to impress on Jeff … that the small amounts of help that we get through, after two or three years of this sort of stuff, it's not helping anymore. It's not enough," she said.

While the year is still young, it's been a difficult start for Australian growers, with the heatwave experienced earlier in the month also causing serious grief for primary producers.

Wheat and barley prices are expected to jump as a result of the recent hot weather, which is also expected to damage the sorghum fodder grain crop. Farmers are also expecting a surge in water costs as they struggle to keep their crops alive.

Global warming could see more frequent heatwaves in Australia, resulting in crop failures. Fortunately, there is a national and international effort by plant breeders and physiologists to develop new varieties of crops with heat tolerance. Read more here.


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