QLD woman finds Redback spider in broccoli from Coles

A Townsville woman has discovered a female Redback spider, hiding in a head of broccoli she bought from Coles.

According to the Townsville Bulletin, Tamahra Moore purchased the vegetable from Coles North Ward.

“I was chopping all my vegies up for the week when I saw a flash of black and red, the bloody thing just crawled out,” Moore said.

“I would have probably been better off with takeaway, as I quite easily could have been bitten.”

She said she called the supermarket to report the find, but the staff member she spoke to didn’t believe the story. So she put the broccoli and spider into a container and brought it back to the supermarket.

“They got the produce manager who said he had heard about it but had never seen it. He asked to keep it so he could show the distribution centre team and I said ‘that’s fine’, I didn’t know what to do with it,” said Moore.

A Coles spokeswoman told the Townsville Bulletin there are procedures in place to avoid these sorts of incidents. The company’s national quality team is investigating the issue.

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