Quality food requires quality temperature control


Unlike most chillers in the marketplace, MTA chillers and heat pumps are specifically designed for the food and drink industry, as confirmed by countless prestigious customers worldwide in the most diverse and demanding applications.    

Food industries require absolute reliability 24/7, chillers which always work, whatever the conditions.   

Featuring the TAEevo Tech industrial process cooling chiller covering a cooling range from 2kWr to 260kWr.  With a chilled water supply temperature range from 30oC down to -10oC for the standard range, and down to -24oC for LWT version, MTA’s TAEevo Tech range offers swift adaptability to rapidly changing requirements and ensures all phases in the process are perfectly catered for, even in the harshest conditions. 

Complete flexibility to all user needs is ensured thanks to MTA’s unique evaporator configuration which allows the unit to operate with high flow rates and reduced pressure drops ensuring continual reliability and temperature control. 

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