Quality temperature control critical for cold chain

Schmitz Cargobull are experts in temperature-controlled trailers and customers continue to rave about the quality and standards of the company’s products.

Schmitz Cargobull prides itself on providing trailers that are designed for the food and beverage industry with its smart trailers winning over stakeholders such as Bright Horizon Transport & Logistics, based out
of Queensland.

One of Horizon’s clients, Cross Family Farms, specialise in small crop fruit and vegetable transport and donating to Food Bank, which means the company relies heavily on the quality of its trailers.

“We are predominantly a refrigerator transport for mostly small crops. Our major grower is Cross Family Farms in Bundaberg,” said Mason Barbera, of Bright Horizon Transport & Logistics.

“He is one of the largest Food Bank donators in the small crop sector. We have always done fresh produce to market.”

Because of this, a partnership with Schmitz seemed like the best choice for the logistics company.

“Schmitz offer a great product that is well valued,” said Barbera.

“They are one of the leaders in temperature-controlled trailers, I think they are one of the best on the market in thermal control, which is especially important for us transporting perishables like fresh produce.”

“Keeping the produce cold and with no temperature waivers is very important for shelf life so having trailers that give you that extra support helps you sleep at night.”

The logistics company bought two 34 pallet B-Double trailers from Schmitz Cargobull and have been thrilled with the results ever since.

“They hold their temperature and I think Schmitz has invested a lot of money to create such great temperature-controlled trailers,” said Barbera.

“We are massively involved, we do a huge amount for foodbank, along with our customer Cross Family Farms.

“A lot of his business revolves around supporting people in need in that foodbank sector.”

Road transport is critical for the cold chain, especially in Australia. And Barbera said what Schmitz Cargobull provides allows them to maintain a level of standard they have become known for.

“Road transport is probably one of the most critical forms of freight here in Australia,” said Barbera.

“It is really important to have good quality gear, high on safety standards and highly reliable. That is a big factor for us joining Schmitz.”

The temperature-controlled trailers provided by Schmitz Cargobull also help limit fuel usage, which is a huge cost saver for companies like Cross
Family Farms.

Advancements in the capability of both truck engines and trailer motors have also provided added value to the cold chain, in terms of logistics, which has proven invaluable to companies like Cross Family Farms.

“The fuel usage is dramatically less than some of our other trailers because of how internally thermalised they are,” said Barbera.

“I would recommend Schmitz. They have a personal touch and are easily approachable. They make the whole process easy and answer and questions you have.

“The quality of the product is great; the reliability is great and internal temperature control is top notch. Especially for people doing freezer work.”

Schmitz Cargobull provides a host of services to its clients, beyond providing trailers, which includes a database for potential service partners, and a telematics data service that provides all the necessary information about
the vehicles.

The company also provides a data management centre to share telematics data and compliance with data protection regulations. And for those times where you need a new part, Schmitz Cargobull has a spare parts shop that identifies the best spare parts for the required job.

Schmitz can help with any of your cold chain logistics needs and continues to help the sector strengthen its efficiency.

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