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Queensland food manufacturer wins big at 2024 Royal Tasman Fine Food awards

Silver Tongue Foods, from the Sunshine Coast, has taken home 11 awards at the 2024 Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards.

The awards include two champion titles as well as three gold, three silver and three bronze medals.

Taking home the first gold medal and securing the title of Champion Baked Product (Savoury) was the sourdough cracker that started Kristina Kucan and Andy Tolson’s journey four years ago.  

Aptly named ‘Fleur,’ this cracker is hand-baked in small batches and is adorned with fresh edible flowers that are pressed into the dough before baking, resulting in a unique cracker. 

The flower selection rotates depending on seasonality, making it a product that is unique to Silver Tongue Foods.

The second Champion title was awarded to their ‘Spiced Orange’ preserve which was awarded Champion Preserve (Sweet) after successfully being awarded gold.  

Spiced Orange is a popular product for Silver Tongue Foods and serves as the perfect accompaniment to cheese, while also enhancing the flavours of drinks and ice cream. 

The final product to be awarded a gold medal was ‘Cowboy Kisses’ in the Savoury Preserves Category. 

These umami-flavoured, candied jalapeno pickles are crunchy and spicy, showcasing Silver Tongue’s proficiency in combining flavours and textures.  

Co-founder Kristina Kucan said that it was an honour to win at such a prestigious royal event, in Tasmania, the home to some of the country’s finest artisan food producers. 

“We entered the awards this year seeking formal feedback on our products to gauge our progress and we are honoured to have received the Champion titles in two categories.

“It is particularly meaningful that “Fleur” took the Champion (Savoury) title, as she was the first product we developed. We’ve been humbled by the positive feedback of this cracker, often featured as a special indulgence on grazing platters, both domestically and abroad,” said Kucan.

Summary of Awards – 2024 Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards


·        Champion – Baked Products Savoury – Fleur (Cracker/Biscuit)

·        Champion – Preserves Sweet – Spiced Orange (Spiced Pickled orange)


·        Gold – Baked Products Savoury – Fleur (Cracker/Biscuit) 

·        Gold – Preserves Sweet (Other) – Spiced Orange (Spiced Pickled Orange)

·        Gold – Preserves (Savoury) – Cowboy Kisses (Candied Jalapenos Pickles)


·         Silver – Baked Products Savoury – Sweet Pink Peppercorn (Cracker/Biscuit)

·        Silver – Baked Products Savoury – Sea Salt (Cracker/Biscuit)

·        Silver – Preserves Sweet (Jams) – Raspberry & Jalapeno Jam


·        Bronze – Baked Products Savoury – Smoked Sea Salt (Cracker/Biscuit)

·        Bronze – Celery Seed (Cracker/Biscuit)

·        Bronze – Preserves Savoury (Chutney or Relish) – Tomato Relish

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