Queensland kangaroo abattoir reopens

A west Queensland kangaroo meat processing plant will re-open, days after workers were told it would close.

Game Meat Processing has said that the plant will be running at a reduced capacity, but that 15 of the 21 employees will keep their jobs.

Pressure from the community and the prospects from an undisclosed international market are the reasons for the reopening, according to General Manager Rex De Vantier.

"We will continue on to support that business. There’s also been a change in our own circumstances and an opportunity to place the product coming from that plant into a market that I’m not really prepared to discuss with the media, that’s commercially sensitive but that was also certainly one of the factors," Mr De Vantier told ABC News.

Game Meat Processing will reassess the viability of the abattoir towards the end of the year.


Image courtesy of www.eatmedaily.com

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