Rabobank to support farmers impacted by Cyclone Jasper

Rabobank announced support measures it will offer its North Queensland farming clients adversely impacted by Cyclone Jasper

Agribusiness banking specialist Rabobank has announced support measures it will offer its North Queensland farming clients adversely impacted by ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper.

Rabobank group executive for Country Banking Australia, Marcel Van Doremaele said the bank was working with clients in the agricultural regions which had “borne the brunt” of intense rains and flooding in recent days, to check on their wellbeing and assess any support required. These regions included the Atherton Tablelands and areas around Tully, Mossman and Cairns.

“The initial impacts of the cyclone, along with the subsequent intense rainfall and flooding, has had a devastating impact on communities and infrastructure in a number of areas. In terms of agriculture, while farmers are still assessing the impacts, the initial reports we are receiving indicate that damage is so far relatively limited,” he said.

“Livestock losses are a concern with flooding and damage to fences, while there are reports of some pasture and feed losses.

“For sugar cane, crops have been recently harvested, which will be a big relief to canegrowers. And for the new crop – which is still under water in many circumstances – while young ‘planted’ cane – which accounts for approximately 10 to 20 per cent of plantings may suffer due to its newly-established root systems, the older ‘return’ cane should bounce back from the deluge of rain and flooding.

“In terms of the banana crop, most growers will also hopefully have ‘dodged a bullet’ as the high winds and rainfall came at separate times, resulting in a lot less damage to the plants than if they had occurred simultaneously.”

Damage to roads in the region due to flooding was also a concern for farmers, he said.

Van Doremaele said the bank would continue to work directly with individual clients in the region whose farms or agribusinesses had been affected to provide support and offer a range of assistance measures in applicable circumstances.

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