Radiation found in baby formula

Traces of radiation have been found in baby formula manufactured in Japan following the Fukashima disaster March.

A major food and confectionary maker in Tokyo announced it was recalling baby formula with expiration dates in October 2012, as a precaution.

Meji Co said while the levels of radiation was below safety limits set by the government, and would not impact babies’ health even if they drank it daily, it was voluntarily recalling the product.

Children are more susceptible than adults of getting cancer and other illnesses if they are exposed to radiation.

“There is no problem because the levels are within the government limit," Kazuhiko Tsurumi, a Health Ministry official in charge of food safety said.

A review of food safety and radiation standards is being undertaken by the Japanese government.

Not all food samples are monitored for radiation, and as was the case with Meji, readings have been voluntarily reported by the manufacturers, causing consumers to call for government regulation to force manufacturers and supplies to provide more information about where food is sourced.

Image: Bloomberg

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