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RAS reveal Australia’s best dairy products of 2024

The royal agricultural society of NSW (RAS) announced the champions of its prestigious Sydney royal cheese and diary produce show, revealing the best products of 2024.

The competition included over 530 entries with dairy products ranging from cheese to ice cream from all Australian states.

Each exhibit was subject to some of Australia’s most qualified industry judges. Of the exhibits 89 per cent earnt a bronze, silver or gold medal.

The champion products included Bega’s Rindless Vintage Cheese which took out champion cheese, champion cheddar Cheese, champion cow milk cheese and scored a spot on the Australian Cheeseboard.

Lactalis Australia’s Pauls Farmhouse Gold claimed champion prize of the white milk class.

Winning champion for full cream ice cream or gelato was Gelateria Gondola nocciola piemonte.

Cow and Moon’s Madagascan vanilla bean claimed champion low/reduced fat ice cream or gelato.

Champion for butter was awarded to CopperTree Farms cultured salted butter.

Gippsland dairy lemon curd twist yogurt, produced by Chobani Australia achieved champion yoghurt or cultured milk product.

Champion cream was awarded to Mungalli Creek dairy Biodynamic pouring cream organic.

Chair of judges, Tiffany Beer said, “I was very impressed with the turnout of entries this year and the level of quality presented across all classes was really high. While this is a direct reflection of the good raw materials the Australian dairy industry has been producing, it is also a reflection of the technical production skills and constant development, which results in the consistent quality our local producers are striving for.”

The remaining list of 2024 Sydney royal cheese and dairy produce champions by category are here:

  • Champion Flavoured Milk: Sharma’s Kitchen Milk Badam
  • Champion Specialty Cheese: Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese Oak Blue
  • Australian Cheeseboard: Bega Cheese Rindless Vintage; Lactalis Jindi President’s Camembert; Bruny Island Cheese Co. C2; Pecora Dairy Bloomy; Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese Riverine Blue
  • Champion Novel Ice Cream or Gelato: Bulla Dairy Foods Creamy Classic Honeycomb Stick
  • Champion Sheep, Goat, Buffalo or Camel Milk Product: Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese Riverine Blue

A particular highlight for this year’s show was the quality of non-bovine (milk of animal species excluding cows such as goat, sheep and camel) products.

“Another stand-out for me was the quality of the non-bovine products delivered this year. These classes have shown continued improvement and the range of products available has increased to meet customer interest, especially for traditional products from other areas of the world,” said Bear

New South Wales accounted for 47 per cent of the exhibits and earned 90 per cent of the medals awarded.

Victoria, Australia’s biggest dairy producer claimed 35 per cent of entries and scored 88 per cent of the medal count.

Tasmania received special mention from the judges with 89 per cent of entries winning a medal.

This years remaining show samples were donated to the Addi food pantry, located in Marrickville, to help give back to the local community.

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