Raw milk cheese campaign launched

Slow Food Australia has launched a public campaign supporting the right of Australian artisan cheese makers to produce raw milk cheese and Australian consumers the right to eat it.

Raw milk products are available throughout Europe, Canada, the United States, and shortly to be produced in New Zealand.

The organisation says Australian producers are prevented by archaic regulations from making raw milk products.

To this end they will be campaigning for:

· The opening of regulations to allow for the production of raw milk cheese and associated products in Australia

· The right of consumers to eat Australian-produced raw milk cheese and associated products.

· Labelling laws that clearly identify products containing raw milk

· Testing procedures to ensure product safety that are affordable to small producers

This campaign is seeking to have Slow Food Australia recognised as a voice for local producers and artisans.

FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) will be releasing its second assessment report for the production of raw milk cheese in early December.

Slow Food Australia will be responding to this report and in anticipation is seeking support from the food industry and consumers at large to petition the House of Representatives to allow Australian raw milk cheese, particularly soft curd cheeses, to be made and sold in Australia.

Additional information is available at www.slowfoodaustralia.com.au

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