Reap the best with power take off tractor tech

We know that each machine has its idiosyncrasies and that every farmer has their preferences.”

This quote from agricultural powertrain specialist, Walterscheid, is indicative of why their solutions suit the needs of the Australian farming community.

“It’s German-made componentry and design, combined with the ability to custom-build and supply to customer needs that makes Walterscheid a leader in both power take-off drive shafts, tractor attachment systems and hitch systems,” said Andrew Sawyer, business manager at Walterscheid.

“The universal joints in the driveline are of an exceptionally high grade with superior seals that make them last longer in arduous Australian farming conditions as they keep the grease in and impurities out.”

Walterscheid has been dedicated to servicing Australia’s agricultural market since 1983, specialising in premium driveline systems and tractor attachments. As part of the Motion family, farmers across the country have access to the Walterscheid offering in addition to Motion’s technical expertise and national footprint of branches. One of the key advantages of this access is the fast turnaround of service.

“Not only do we tailor to customer requirements, we also do repairs on drivelines or tractor attachments and turnaround is very, very quick.” said Sawyer.

“Generally during harvest period time, we do say to people to get their componentry here early, and we will deliver it back fast. Additionally, we have a torque testing rig, so not only can we rebuild and refurbish overload clutches, we can test them as well.”

According to Sawyer, Walterscheid is popular with farmers because the power take-off (PTO) driveshafts are reliable and come in a wide range that can support a multitude of agricultural attachments and implements.

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