Rebel Kitchen create new Barista Mylk dairy alternative for coffee

Rebel Kitchen

Rebel Kitchen, organic plant-based dairy alternatives brand, have created a plant-based Barista Mylk for use in coffee. 

The blend of organic ingredients was developed with the help of coffee expert James Hoffmann, making it taste and function like dairy milk in coffee. 

Although one in two coffees on-the-go are made with a dairy alternative, 43 per cent of coffee drinkers wouldn’t consider this more sustainable option unless it tastes like dairy milk. This drove the Barista Mylk project. 

“I’ve been interested, like many people, in plant-based alternatives for a while now and that was one of the big motivations for me to work on this project,” Hoffmann said. 

“People don’t want anything less than a great cappuccino, or flat white and that’s been a big barrier for people switching away from dairy.” 

The recipe took 146 iterations and rigorous testing with James Hoffmann to achieve the right balance, ensuring it both tasted like dairy in all types of coffee and performed as well as cows’ milk when foamed and poured. 

The final recipe contains organic ingredients which have been minimally processed, such as Oat for smoothness, Coconut Cream for creaminess and Faba Bean for savouriness. It is free from nuts, preservatives, thickeners, stabilisers and refined sugars. 

“There are a bunch of dairy alternatives out there, but they are monogamous affairs; it’s oat, and nothing but oat, or its almond, and nothing but almond,” Hoffmann said. 

“What appealed to me about this project is that Rebel Kitchen wanted to look at a much broader spectrum of plants to chase down this no compromise alternative.” 

“Dairy alternatives used to mean compromise, be it in taste or experience – or for the Barista, in the texture of the drink or the latte art they pour. Working with Rebel Kitchen we’ve created a sustainable alternative which creates perfectly lasting latte art and isn’t a compromise,” he said. 

“I’m excited to get it into the hands of Baristas and into the cups of coffee drinkers everywhere.” 

The new Rebel Kitchen Barista Mylk is an addition to the brand’s existing range of Mylks, Original and Extra Creamy, developed for everyday use including on cereal and in cooking. 

Rebel Kitchen applies its uncompromising attitude to ethics and sustainability. The brand is a certified B Corporation, donates 1 per cent of its revenue to projects that support regenerative organic agriculture and is 100 per cent carbon neutral. 

“Our organic ingredients have to be sourced from all over the world and product is produced in UK,” Rebel Kitchen co-founder and owner Ben Arbib said. 

“That is why we have been offsetting our entire carbon footprint since 2019, investing in gold-standard eco projects such as wind farms. We hope that we can produce in Australia in the near future.” 

Rebel Kitchen Barista Mylk launched in UK in January 2021 and is now available in over 15 international markets including Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 

The Barista Mylk will also be launching in the US from June 2021, taking the business’ partnership with Joe & The Juice global. 


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