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Recognising Australia’s sustainable seafood market

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) unveiled the annual Sustainable Seafood Awards winners at the launch of the Super Seafood campaign to raise awareness about ASC and MSC certified seafood.

The Sustainable Seafood Awards Australia are independently judged and recognise organisations and individuals who contribute significantly to ensure a long term fish supply by committing to the ASC and MSC programs.

  • Coles was named the MSC’s Best Sustainable Seafood Supermarket, and the ASC awarded ALDI the Best Responsible Seafood Retailer title.
  • MSC’s Best Sustainable Seafood Product – Shelf went to John West Salmon Bowls.
  • I&J was named ASC’s Best Responsible Seafood Brand
  • Birds’ Eye Frozen Steam Fresh Fillets took the ASC’s Best Responsible Seafood Product award home.
  • A special Lifetime Achievement was presented to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development Director General Heather Brayford for her outstanding contribution to sustainable fisheries management in Western Australia in a career spanning 35 years.

Anne Gabriel, MSC program director said, “The commitment of brands and retailers to source and sell ASC and MSC certified seafood sends a clear signal down the supply chain and incentivises sustainable fishing and responsible aquaculture practices.

Globally, there are 1800 ASC-certified farms, 550 MSC-certified fisheries, and over 46,000 products with the ASC and MSC labels.

Duncan Leadbitter, ASC commercial manager said, “We’re encouraged to see real progress made in the last year by leading brands and retailers in moving to ASC and MSC-certified seafood.”

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, food is the single strongest lever to optimise human health and environmental sustainability on Earth.

Shifts in production and consumption patterns can significantly reduce the costs associated with unhealthy diets and climate change by 2030, according to the World Food Forum.

Coles general manager own brand, quality, and responsible sourcing Charlotte Rhodes said, “We’re driven to help our customers better understand the potential environmental impacts of the products they purchase. The transparency that comes from the MSC blue fish tick label helps customers make more informed and sustainable choices at the checkout.

Daniel Baker, ALDI’s national sustainability director said,  “It’s fantastic to receive recognition from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council for our responsible fish and seafood sourcing.

The awards recognise Australia’s progress towards sustainable seafood.

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