ReCoila’s reel trial proving positive for Tassie salmon industry

Salmon fishing company, Tassal is currently testing ReCoila’s heavy duty reels at two of its 11 Tasmanian ports.

Positioned on custom built skids, the reels are being used for refuelling salmon fishing vessels and ReCoila believes that the harsh Tasmanian environment his the ideal testing ground.

Michael Pawson, managing director of ReCoila says that high quality, durable options are essential for such volatile environments.

“ReCoila has been around for more than 20 years, but in recent times, with the influx of much cheaper options, companies are tempted to sacrifice durability and quality in some instances, so it is pleasing that Tassal is thinking long term performance,” said Pawson.

“This industry is very time sensitive because fish spawn at certain times of the year, so having top notch equipment at its refuelling stations means Tassal is highly unlikely to suffer any downtime at this point of its operations, which would otherwise prove costly.”

The trails are currently performing well and if successful, similar solutions will be customised and manufactured for the other nine ports around the state.

“We believe the quality of our hose reels is second to none,” said Pawson.

“Ours have a serious level of strength and longevity that is expected by the fishing industry and other operators in the marine and offshore sectors.

 “ReCoila units, however, 10 years down the track, even in this salt water environment, are likely to still look and perform as if they were brand new.”


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