Recommended cleaning when using ContiTech hoses for the food and beverage industry


Cleaning before first use

Elastomer hoses may have a slight odour of their own, which is technologically unavoidable and can be eliminated by proper cleaning.

ContiTech therefore recommends the following cleaning procedure before first use:

  • Fill the hose with hot water;
  • Store in the hose for at least 10 hours; and
  • Empty the hose.

It is then recommended to follow one of the following cleaning processes:

In all cases, the hose must be rinsed with tap water!

If the hose still unexpectedly gives off an odour, several cleaning processes should be conducted consecutively.

Standard cleaning

After use or at regular intervals, the hose must be treated with an ordinary cleaning and sanitising agent. For detailed information and to choose a suitable cleaning and sanitising agent, please refer to ContiTech’s complete resistance list.

Please observe their recommendations on storing and maintaining hoses.

Special features of extended disinfection cycles

In the case of extended disinfection cases – such as those at the weekend or on public holidays – notwithstanding the concentration specifications of the disinfection manufacturer, the concentrations are to be reduced by at least 50 per cent.

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