Red Bull aims for social domination in new campaign [video]

Red Bull launched its new campaign during the men’s final of the Australian Open over the weekend, with hopes to make the hashtag #givesyouwings prevalent on Twitter.

The new 60-second TVC features several of their top athletes including Australian surfer Julian Wilson and space-jumper Felix Baumgartner, sharing stories of how the brand helped them realise their dreams.

Building on the ‘Red Bull Gives You Wings’ slogan, the campaign launched in the US last month and has already attracted nearly a million views on YouTube.

Despite having a large above-the-line element the campaign aims to get the hashtag into common use when people are sharing their amazing tales on social media.

Marketing director Andrew Waddel said: “'Red Bull Gives You Wings' is our unique brand proposition and this campaign is about reinforcing our positioning and creating a deeper connection between the consumer and Red Bull.

“By working with athletes that have achieved amazing feats, we aim to communicate the breadth and depth of the World of Red Bull and establish that Red Bull gives wings to people and ideas in a unique way.

“We want to share this content with consumers and inspire them to share their own stories.”

The 12-month all-media campaign will also feature local content featuring Australian athletes Mick Fanning, Robbie Maddison, Russ Henshaw, Sally Fitzgibbons and Josh Sheehan.

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This article first appeared on B&T.


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