Red hot drinks market drives second capital raise for WA manufacturer

Lathlain-based beverage company Kommunity Brew is calling for expressions of interest for a second round of capital raising through equity crowd funding platform Birchal.

It follows a successful raise of more than $500k last year which has helped drive its national expansion and put the gutsy functional beverage business on track to achieve 72 per cent growth in 2024.

Kommunity Brew’s stellar rise has been fuelled by the rapid uptake of its products through premium independent grocery and convenience retailers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and rising consumer demand for lower sugar, better for you beverages.

CEO, Mason Bagios, said Kommunity Brew has grown from a backyard kombucha producer to a major market player with 36 products across 1000 active wholesalers.

“Our signature kombucha has always been a consumer favourite but the introduction of our Cold Matter cold brew coffee and tea ranges have taken our brand profile and volume output to a whole new level,” he said.

“Staying true to our low sugar, natural ingredient’s philosophy has allowed us to challenge the flavoured milk and iced team markets with drinks that not only taste great but are good for you.

“Cold Matter sales are up 43 per cent year to date and climbing.”

Mason said the second capital raise is critical for Kommunity Brew to take its market and product expansions to the next level.

“Our growth on the east coast has been phenomenal, but we want to turn our brands into national, household names,” he said.

“We’ve also got three new products under development including a sports hydration drink so strengthening our distribution network this year is crucial preparation for our next bold move.”

The marketing pressure placed on young people – particularly young males – to drink sugary, chemical-laden sports hydration drinks has made Mason determined to disrupt the highly lucrative market with a new, good for you alternative.

“I don’t want my 11-year-old son to grow up thinking that sporting prowess and looking cool comes from drinking fluorescent sugar-addicting drinks,” said Mason.

“You can be kind to your body and as cool as the next person by enjoying a drink that’s healthy and delicious.”

While Mason knows cracking the sports hydration drink market won’t be easy, he isn’t put off by the doubters or the competition.

“I was told people would never get into low sugar, ready-to-drink iced coffees and teas and look what we’ve managed to do with Cold Matter in less than two years.

“Consumer tastes and motivations are shifting, and Kommunity Brew is leading the charge when it comes to much needed change.”

The Kommunity Brew equity crowd funding offer will go live on Birchal on Tuesday 21 May 2024.

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