Red Rock Deli expands special reserve range

The chefs at Red Rock Deli have been inspired by the tastes of Italy for their latest flavour innovation, tapping into the growing popularity of antipasto platters to create the latest flavour combination in the Special Reserve Range of ultra-deluxe potato chips – Salsa Verde and Creamy Mozzarella.

Combining the delicate balance of fresh herbs found in a classic salsa verde with the silky creaminess of Italian mozzarella cheese, Red Rock Deli is continually delivering innovative flavours to surprise and delight discerning consumers in search of special new taste experiences.

Snacks PepsiCo marketing director Olivia Sutherland said the company wanted to tap into this popular food trend, which has seen antipasto boards become a common fixture on restaurant menus and, just like our potato chips, these are designed to be shared.

“We love to experiment with different flavour combinations and are driven by our consumers who we know are always looking for new and interesting taste experiences,” she said. 

Red Rock Deli’s special reserve range is an indulgent selection of premium chips for curious consumers searching for new taste experiences.

These ultra-deluxe potato chips provide consumers with new flavour combinations that take snacking to a new level of taste and sophistication.

Other luxurious flavour combinations in this line include Champagne Vinaigrette & Shallot, Sea Salt & Black Truffle and Wagyu Beef & Wasabi Cream.

 Special Reserve Salsa Verde & Creamy Mozzarella are available to purchase from Woolworths, Coles, independents and petrol and convenience stores with RRP from $4.49.


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