Redesigned tank washers with improved backwash action

The re-designed Turbodisc range, available from Tecpro Australia, has several improvements in efficiency, performance and long-term reliability.

 Turbodisc tank washers are the perfect solution for small and medium process vessels, reactors, driers, granulators, storage tanks, tablet coating machines and IBCs, Constructed with extremely high precision, the Turbodisc contains only one moving part which rotates freely on a hydraulic bearing to produce a dense spray of fast moving droplets that achieve much higher impingement and coverage than traditional spray ball cleaners. The low flow rate and high wash speed reduces effluent costs and down time.
The new range has a sleeker design and improved backwash action that minimises wash pattern interference and ensures purity and an ultra-hygienic clean by allowing no product to settle on the cleaning head.

The Turbodisc range includes a wide choice of models in 316, 316L stainless steel and Hastelloy C22, and is also available in chemical resistant, ATEX Certified carbon filled PTFE. With only one moving part, wear and tear is negligible and no replacement parts are necessary, eliminating maintenance costs.
Suitable for pressures up to 4 Bar and flow rates of up to 250 L/min, the Turbodisc range provides models with a cleaning radius of between 0.5 and 2.5m. They have a maximum operating temperature of 95ºC and an ambient temperature of 140ºC and use a BSP/NPT connection. 

Available with a 360º or 180º wash pattern, they are extremely compact and can be placed into the smallest tanks at any angle.

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