Rekorderlig hides new cider flavour for Facebook competition

Cider brand, Rekorderlig, is launching a new flavour, but it's not a straight-forward product launch. The company is leaving it up to consumers to uncover the latest taste in the range.

Marketing executive for Rekorderlig, Elle Lewis, said "Rekorderlig Cider is excited to announce the global launch of our latest flavour here in Australia. Hitting bars and stores early March, Rekorderlig has put the discovery of our new flavour in the hands of its 220,000 Facebook fans via their consumer app – The Beautifully Swedish Cider Hunt."

Rekorderlig has launched an app on Facebook which includes a 'Where's Wally? style game where a bottle of the new cider flavour is hidden amongst an image of the busy streets of Stockholm, Sweden.

The virtual competition uses the same concept as Google Earth, allowing viewers to zoom into the image in great detail. In order to uncover the new flavour, consumers must search the photograph to find 'the one' image, hidden amongst 300 Rekorderlig posters, images and signs.

The person that uncovers the new flavour will be the first in the world to receive a full case.

Other Rekorderlig flavours include Apple and Pear; Strawberry-Lime; Wild Berries; premium Apple & Blackcurrant; Mango & Raspberry and Orange-Ginger.


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