Rent the Novatech 1637-5 O2 and CO2 Analyser/Transmitter from TechRentals

The robust Novatech 1637-5 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyser/Transmitter provides accurate measurement and analysis of head-space in modified atmosphere packaging. This is achieved by using a hypodermic needle to pierce the packet to extract a small gas sample. Gain accurate and rapid results when analysing oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations, with readings available in less than 10 seconds.

This easy to use device allows for accurate samples even when limited head space is available for testing. The Novatech 1637-5 provides: sample logging to internal memory, Bluetooth® connection to PC, low or high gas concentration alarm thresholds, and large display showing Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in real time.

This analyser is designed for either ‘sample and hold’ measurement of modified atmosphere packaging or can be plumbed for continuous monitoring. The sensor is capable of measuring CO₂ concentration over the full range of 0 per cent to 100 per cent CO₂ with ±3% accuracy.  The CO₂ sensor automatically adjusts for several environmental factors, which allows it to remain accurate in different working environments.

The Novatech 1637-5 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyser is ideal for head-space analysis in closed packages, head-space analysis in cans, inert and sterile packaging, and continuous process measurement.

To find out more about Novatech 1637-5 O2 and CO2 Analyser, click here.

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