Repurposing an area? Here’s some advice you might need


Internal construction in the food and beverage manufacturing industry is huge. Every year, new supply contracts are won with distributors, meaning a new production line must go in, or a change in existing production lines to cater for the new contract. Coolrooms are turned into production areas, warehouses into coolrooms, or production areas into storage areas/warehouses. There’s a lot that goes on that no one would see. And while these projects are internal, there’s a lot to be considered before signing the purchase orders.

First things first – Drainage:

When using part of a coolroom, storeroom, or even another production room, it can be easy to overlook the drainage design in the room. Most areas will have their own drainage points, or strip drains, so a new drainage design is often not considered. And yet rarely will the new production line fit the mould for your existing drainage. Overlooking this will mean water will pool in various areas, washdowns will be difficult, and the area may be unnecessarily slippery and dangerous. In addition to this, not all areas throughout your facility will have forklift-rated drainage. Production areas typically require this, so ensuring this has been catered for is essential.

So ensure the drainage is designed specifically to cater for the new room requirements. Our consultants are more than happy to discuss this with you and develop a new design.

Fall Correction:

Alongside drainage design planning, goes fall correction. Take a look at your existing areas, and where the water falls to the drains. It is essential to review this, and consider any changes that may need to be made prior to having a new floor installed.

Access to other areas:

When an area is being repurposed, typically multiple walls are knocked out and new ones installed. While it may seem obvious, entry points to the area must be considered, ensuring a pre-production clean room is accessed first before workers enter the room. In addition, entrances to other areas, as well as main exits must be thoroughly thought out, to ensure factory efficiency and safety of staff.


There’s a lot behind a repurposing project. From the design, to demolition, reconstruction, and finally the new machinery being installed, the whole project can be quite a mission. But getting in touch with experts that work on the design of these facilities on a daily basis is only a phone call away. So get in touch with our team, and see how we can help you out!

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