Research, debate and hard-hitting facts

Organisers say that new safety research to be released at The Safety Conference in Sydney from 28 to 30 October, 2008 will spice up safety talks.

The research covers a range of safety-related areas, from female truck drivers to work-life balance to the use of safety gear in the industry.

According to organisers, interactive workshops and a series of case studies will add some action to the research, and demonstrate the real-life impact of workplace safety programs and tragedies.

The agenda also promises to add a bit of debate with a focus on the role of human error in workplace injuries and fatalities.

Hosted by the Safety Institute of Australia’s NSW Division, the conference will cover seven themes, including transport, safety systems and practices, change management, human factors, and injury management. A new topic is safety saving the environment.

A number of speakers from various regulatory bodies and sponsor companies will discuss a variety of occupational health and safety issues like regulations, problem solving, and hazards.

The event will also be host to a variety of workshops, training sessions and debates.

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